Affiliate Program

Now YOU can join the Khimaira Team!

Girl PointingYou can use the Active plan or Passive plan!

You can earn money by selling hosting packages for us and placing orders for customers (Active), or just by having a special link to Khimaira from your website (Passive) so that folks can click through and place an order which earns you money!

It’s easy!

  • Just sign up and add the special coded link to your site!
  • Then, anytime you or someone else purchases anything at after first using your link to reach our site, you will earn 8% of the sale!
  • You can even use it for your own purchases!
  • You can use a simple text link, or choose a banner when you login to your client portal.
  • Or, create your own to customize them with your own site colors and style!
  • If you are creating your own graphic, please send to us for approval first.

We have customers who have earned enough to have FREE hosting packages from Khimaira!

What are you waiting for?

We hope to have you on our  Affiliate Team soon!

Sign up with our Affiliate Program!