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We specialize in web site hosting, meaning that you can place your web site on our state-of-the-art web servers and establish a presence on the Internet. We even register your domain name for you. This will become your unique address on the World Wide Web (www.yourdomainname.com).

However, we are not your webdesigner. Sometimes it is confusing for a customer to understand which questions are related to webhosting and which are website development questions/support issues. In general, if your questions are concerned with your domain name; how to access your control panel; setup your email, or features we offer, then we can assist you with those questions. Questions about how to create/design/upload your site; use your html editors; and questions about design in general, are not hosting questions, but are web design questions that should be directed to your webdesigner. Or, if you are designing your site yourself, consider looking online for sources for web designing in general.
Also, you can find lots of information in the "help" link for the software package you are using. You can also search online for error messages you might see, to help with trouble shooting a specific error message.

If you are having a design - related problem and have tried to use the help guides with your software and still can't resolve your problem, we're happy to assist and help point you to information that will help, if we can. If you are in need of a webdesigner to help you create and maintain your site, we're happy to offer some possible sources for consideration.

There is a massive amount of information available on webdesign. Below are a few resources to get you started. Invest in a resource book for handy reference and to leave in the office for the next person who might be assisting!

A wide variety of free tutorials: Go Here

A quick Google search on any error message you might see in any program will yield many possible resources. Just copy and paste the message into your browser window and search.

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