WordPress is a popular Content Management software.  It is open source and free.  It can be easily installed in your cPanel via the Softaculous Installer.  If you have a new site,  you will probably want to install it in your home directory.  The default installation directory is "wp".  This works well if you have an existing site and want to work on a WordPress site while keeping your old site in place.  When you are ready for your new WordPress site to replace your old site, submit a Support Ticket and we can assist you with moving it so that it comes up as your new site.  You will want to remove all old files from your website.  If you need assistance, we can help with that too.

You can find many WordPress tutorials and YouTube Videos on the web.  Below are some to get you started.

1. Choose Softaculous to Install WordPress
2. How to configure your settings in WordPress
3. How to change your password in WordPress
4. How to edit your profile in WordPress
5. How to change your header in WordPress
6. How to manage categories in WordPress
7. How to write a new post in WordPress
8. How to manage users in WordPress
9. How to manage pages in WordPress
10. How to manage your plugins in WordPress
11. How to write a comment in WordPress
12. How to update your WordPress installation
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