Environmental Comittment

Join us and go green!
Khimaira’s Environmental Policy & Vision

Khimaira's environmental vision and policiesWe are committed to continually improve our environmental performance. We endeavor to make responsible, sound business decisions and integrate environmental considerations into all aspects of our operations. We readily acknowledge that environmental stewardship is an ongoing challenge and a continual learning experience. We continue to research best practices and to explore the possibility of partnerships with other companies, environmental and conservation organizations, and local communities, all with the intent of further strengthening our environmental stewardship.

Khimaira Farm recognizes how vital it is to incorporate environmental stewardship in the conduct of business, including the efficient and sustainable use of natural and economic resources, which incorporates practices such as energy conservation and preservation of biodiversity. We are committed to understanding the impact our organization has on the environment and to continually improving our environmental performance, while encouraging our suppliers and customers to do the same.

To this end, we seek to adhere to principles addressing the following  areas, and to support these principles through specific initiatives. Our goal as a business is to address these key aspects of our environmental performance as members of the farm and business communities.

Green Building

Khimaira proudly participates in the  Virginia Green program.  These Green Building initiatives include best practices in lighting and other operations to reduce operating costs and conserve energy.  We  consider LEED (leadership in energy and environmental design) guidelines in maintaining the building and in planning future building projects.

Recycling and Pollution Prevention on our Farm and in our Community

Khimaira’s policies and initiatives in this area are guided by the Three R’s: “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.” With this in mind, we seek an efficient and environmentally sensible workplace, as well as to promote environmental stewardship in our community.  Khimaira Farm is a participant in the Water Stewardship program. 

Additionally, here are some specific methods we employ in our businesses to reach our goals:

  •  Striving to design projects that minimize overall environmental impacts and work with nature
  •  Using organic, recycled and/or natural elements whenever possible
  •  Eliminating the use of styrofoam cups and plates and using reusable glasses and plates instead
  •  Composting food waste from events
  •  Recycling glass, aluminum cans, plastic, office paper, toner cartridges, newspaper, cardboard, packing supplies, fluorescent lamps, batteries, paint and anything recycling or reusable
  •  Providing recycling containers throughout the facilities
  •  Using recycled-content paper towels and toilet paper
  •  Providing a choice of cloth towels or recycled content paper towels in our bathroomsVirginia Green Certified
  •  Encouraging suppliers to minimize packaging and other waste materials
  •  Purchasing from vendors and service providers with a commitment to the environment
  •  Using electronic correspondence
  •  Giving preference to recyclable and/or reusable materials in everyday applications
  •  Using environmentally friendly Green Cleaning supplies, equipment, and methods to improve indoor air quality that translates into a healthy environment for employees and clients.
  •  Using recycled furniture whenever possible
  •  Using recycled/reused building materials or those from sustainable sources
  •  Using latex paint and soy milk paint
  •  Proper recycling or disposal of thinners and solvents
  • •Ensuring preventative maintenance on all appliances and vehicles
  •  Using least toxic materials
  •  Using integrated pest management, Best Management Practices, and organic and sustainable gardening and farming practices
  •  Using mulch and other water saving methods for gardening. We use newspaper and cardboard for weed control under chipped mulch from area tree trimmers and Virginia Department of Transportation
  •  Encouraging growth of native grasses and other native plants
  •  Providing habitat for a wide variety of species
  •  Reducing overall water usage and collecting rainwater for reuse
  •  Using dry clean-up methods first over water based methods
  •  Using low flow toilets and restrictors on faucets
  •  Developing an effective stormwater management plan
  •  Tracking overall energy bills and setting a goal to reduce
  •  Installing high efficiency dimmable compact fluorescent bulbs and high efficiency fluorescent ballasts and lamps
  •  Installing LED lights
  •  Installing dimmers on lights to reduce usage and adjust to needed light coverage
  • Using natural lighting as much as possible
  •  Using solar lighting on the deck and throughout the gardens
  •  Using Energy Star computers and appliances
  •  Using and providing products that are eco-friendly for use by clients
  •  Encouraging clients to consider leaving decorations and products that might be reused by future clients

  Khimaira Web Hosting Solutions and GreenEarthHost CompaniesSave the earth

  • With each new hosting client sign up, we plant a tree either on our farm or in the community
  • Our servers are housed in a Network Operations Center that is a participant in “the Green Grid”
  • All invoices are sent electronically

Social and Community Outreach

Khimaira Farm and Khimaira-GreenEarthHost strive to be socially responsible companies with a strong history of giving to the community. We encourage our team members to give of their time and resources whenever possible. Efforts by the team members include:

  •  Donating to the United Way, American Cancer Society and other community support programs
  •  Donating to local voluntary fire and  rescue programs
  •  Donating to  National Public Radio
  •  Donating to and raising funds for Heifer International, an organization which provides farm animals so that people around the world can develop a sustainable income and food source.
  •  Donating blood to the American Red Cross
  •  Providing discounts to non profits for our web hosting business.  These include youth groups, clubs, organizations and churches.
  •  Volunteering for and supporting a number of conservation and Ag related organizations, including the Page County Water Quality Committee, Shenandoah Valley Soil and Water Conservation District, Shenandoah Resource Conservation and Development Council, Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board, American Dairy Goat Association, American Goat Federation, American Sheep and Goat Center and others.
  • Establishing a website where we host free Benefit Auctions for others in need:   Our  ComeToTheFarm auction site has raised over a million dollars for a variety of benefits, including funding for animal health research and for families who have their lost homes and barns from fires.