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What is web site hosting?

We specialize in web site hosting, meaning that you can place your web site on our state-of-the-art web servers and establish a presence on the Internet. We even register your domain name for you. This will become your unique address on the World Wide Web (www.yourdomainname.com).Sometimes it is confusing for a customer to understand which questions are related to webhosting and which are website development questions/support issues. In general, if your questions are concerned with your domain name, how to access your cpanel, or features we offer, then we can assist you with those questions. Questions about how to design your site, using your html editors, and questions about design in general, are not hosting questions, but should be directed to your web designer. If you are designing your site yourself, consider looking online for sources for web designing in general.  If you are unable to find answers for your html questions, we may be able to point you to answers for your questions.

How does it work?

First, you must have your own domain name. This involves checking for name availability and registering the domain with an ICANN approved registrar. Domain Registration is FREE with our annual hosting plans, or $20/year if you just want to register the domain name or choose a monthly or quarterly hosting plan. . If you already own a domain and wish to have it hosted with Khimaira, we will transfer the domain free of charge to our registrar.

Will I be able to access my domain name with or without the www?

Unlike some webhosting companies,  you will be able to access the domain name with or without the www with our services. For example, you could access the domain name “yourcompany.com” by going to “www.yourcompany.com” as well as “yourcompany.com”.

Do you offer Internet access accounts?

No, you will need local Internet access in order to maintain your web site and retrieve email addressed to your site. ISP’s that provide dial-up access crowd their bandwidth with residential use. We devote our bandwidth to provide the fastest Internet speed to our customers and to the addition of enhancements to their entire sites.

Do you offer web page and graphic design services?

Our mission is to innovate in the field of web hosting. For web page design, we have a list of knowledgeable and professional graphic designers, to whom we are happy to refer our customers. These Preferred Designers offer great service and prices.  Khimaira-GreenEarthHost may be available to set up new programs on your site if your designer is not familiar with things such as shopping carts and other scripts.  Our hourly rates will apply. Please contact us with a description of your needs.

How do I upgrade or downgrade from one hosting package to another?

You can make this change in your client interface or use our Contact Form to request. No new setup fee will be charged upon any change. All remaining balance will be transferred to the new plan and pro-rated. We have made the package switching process seamless and worry-free for your convenience.

Is it possible to see if my domain name is available?

Yes, you can check domain availability with our search form. Go HERE.

Will Khimaira handle my domain registration?

Yes! We will handle your new domain registration completely, and your name (as provided to us) will be listed as registrant and owner of the domain name. Our email address will be used as contact so that we can receive and maintain your renewals.

Can I transfer an existing domain name to Khimaira from another hosting company?

Absolutely! When you place an order with Khimaira, you will specify whether it is a new domain name or a transfer of an existing domain name. You should keep the service at the present site while waiting for this transfer to be completed. We will provide you with a numeric web site address (IP) so you can upload files to our servers. In order for us to make the transfer from your previous host or registrar, you will need to provide us with your username and password at your current registrar (this may or may not be your hosting company) . We will then make the nameserver changes, add our names as technical and billing contact (so we can pay for your domain renewals) and transfer your domain to our registrar. Sometimes it may be necessary to contact your old host or registrar by phone. Some registrars handle this process quickly, while others can take a week or more to process the request. Please enter your transfer information HERE.

How soon will my new domain name be active once I sign up with Khimaira?

Once your domain is registered and your hosting package is setup, you will be able to upload files to your new site almost immediately.  If you have uploaded your files and do not see them when you browse to your site, you have probably not correctly placed them in the public_html directory!  Please make sure you specify this directory when uploading files.

Are there additional InterNIC fees for domain registration?

No!  You will not receive billings for additional charges for domain registration!

How do I transfer files to my web site?

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is used to move files from your hard disk to your web site. The necessary software can be downloaded directly from our site, and step by step instructions are available in the control panel that we provide you, for both PCs and MACs. Don’t worry, it’s really quite a simple process, and even newbies become proficient quickly! We also have a built in file manager you can use!

Will I have unlimited access to update my web pages?

We offer unlimited FTP access to your site. You can upload and download as many files as you like 24 hours a day, with no extra or hidden charges (within the space provided by the package you choose).

Can more that one domain point to the same web site?

Yes, you can register multiple domain names to point to a single web site for a fee of $24.00 per year. Just place your order for the new name and request that we park your domain to your main site.

Will I be able to use my account for commercial purposes and secure transactions?

Yes, many of our current customers use their web sites for electronic commerce.  We can assist you with purchasing and installed a Secure Certificate (SSL) which will allow your customers to send you secure encrypted information via the Internet. Commerce on the Internet is the fastest growing facet of the World Wide Web, and businesses are quickly realizing the vast potential of using the Internet for commercial purposes.

Can you accept international orders?

We are happy to accept hosting orders from around the world. The Internet is a worldwide industry and marketplace, and Khimaira is proud to have customers from all parts of the globe.

How do I pay for my web site, and what contract terms does Khimaira offer?

We accept Visa, Mastercard,  American Express, Discover, PayPal, and Checks by mail. Go HERE for more details. There are no minimum contract periods. We offer significant discounts with our annual plans, but with our money back guarantee, any balance would be refunded if you are not satisfied with our services! Go HERE for complete details on our terms.

How do you handle technical support questions?

We ask that our customers use our helpdesk to send technical support issues to us when possible.  This gives us a chance to adequately investigate your issue and keep good documentation of the information you provide and our responses.   If we feel we can not resolve your issues quickly by email, we will call you directly with the necessary assistance.

How long does it take Khimaira to set up my web site?

We will have your account ready to FTP within 12 hours upon receipt of payment, 7 days a week. (Sites are usually available within 2 hours). We will notify you via email that you can begin to transfer files to our server and start using the features included in your package.

How do I order my web site?

You can activate your site 24 hours a day by ordering here.   Or, use our Contact Form,  and we will call you to assist you.  We prefer online orders, as that puts your information into our system immediately and eliminates any errors in recording information.

We're ready to help!

We’re ready to help you!