How to Make Payments

Please log into your Client Interface to easily view/print/pay your hosting invoices:

Email Address on file for your hosting account (Username): Password:

When your invoices are paid from within your client interface, the payment is automatically posted at completion and a payment confirmation is sent.  If you pay outside of this interface, payments are posted manually, so it may be several days before your payment confirmation is posted.

Read more about using the client interface here.  Please note that your username and password for your client interface is not the same as your cPanel.  For the client interface, your username is the email address on file for your account.

Using PayPal

  • PayPal will be an option for payment in your Client Interface.  However, if you need to make a payment with  PayPal outside of the Client area, click on Button below.
  • Or sign in to your PayPal account and send payment to, if you have any problems reaching the site from this page.

tech support

  • By Secure Online Credit Card through our Shopping carts, or through this secure site.
  • We now accept MasterCard, Visa, Novus/Discover and American Express.
  • Email us and we’ll call you!
  • Or FAX to us at 540.743.7932
  • By Mail with your Check or Money Order

Send checks to:

2974 Stonyman Road
Luray VA  22835 USA

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