Your website is your image to the world!  Remember that your business will be judged by the quality of your website design!  Visitors can come by 24 hours a day and see what you have to offer.  When deciding how much to invest, think about what you have invested in your business (or plan to invest) so far.  Too often people invest thousands in growing their business, but then hesitate to spend a few hundred dollars on developing a website that could "make or break" the business!

Good Reasons to Have A Professional Design Your Website!

It's human nature to have the least perspective when it comes to your own situation. A website designer has extensive experience to draw from when it comes to meeting your business Internet objectives.

It's pretty tough to develop any type of perspective when you're juggling a website with the day-to-day responsibility of keeping your own clients happy. On the other hand, your site becomes a top priority for an outside web design specialist.

These days, no one can keep abreast of all the technology out there. However, designers who utilize applicable technology every hour of every day are more likely to provide you with the knowledge and experience you need for cyber-success.


There is more than just technology to the web. Only specialists know, from their own experience, the best ways to close sales on the web, present information on a web site, interact with users, advertise for optimal traffic, design navigation, etc.


Do you really have enough staffing or personal knowledge to design your website and e-marketing programs?


Launching a site is only the beginning of a successful cyber-campaign. Website maintenance requires hours and a skill set different than site development.  Quality firms that specialize in website design maintain dedicated maintenance staff to support their clients.

Site owners tend to be reactive. Outside web developers are out of business unless they are proactive when it comes to everything from minor technical issues to major shifts in user habits and requirements. They are there to anticipate your needs and assist with getting what you need done quickly and efficiently.

Reasons to Design Your Site Yourself!

If you are concerned about the cost of a developer, you might want to try to design your site yourself.  Just remember, though, the cost of having someone professionally design for you might not be as high as you think, in terms of getting a quality job done.  If cost is a major concern, consider at least getting a template or webset created.  This gets your website a professional start, and you can later add pages yourself, if you want.

Willingness to Learn
If you enjoy spending time learning HTML and design techniques, this might be a reasonable step.

Time to spare
If you have lots of time to spend researching and learning design techniques, keeping up with new technologies, and continually updating your site, this might work for you.

Control Issues
If you have a personality type that demands control over every detail of your web development, it might be difficult for you to allow someone else to do the work for you.