Transfer a Domain

It is easy to transfer your current domain to our servers, so we can host your site.Web Hosting

  • Please provide us with your username/password at your current registrar.
  • We will then transfer your domain to our servers, so we can be your hosts.
  • We will extend/renew your current domain name registration for one year FREE if you select any of our one-year hosting plans.
  • Otherwise, our current domain registration prices will apply.
  • Your current host may require you to personally complete a nameserver change to your domain registration. We will determine if this is necessary, and advise you accordingly (no charge for this service) .
  • This transfer process allows us to host your website, but it does not mean we transfer your website information to your new location.  If you need assistance with that, we can work with you or your webdeveloper.
  • We strongly suggest you upload your website files to the IP address provided in your Welcome Letter.
  • Once the DNS (nameserver) change takes effect, your site will not be seen from your old server, but will automatically be seen from our servers if you have uploaded your files to your IP.

Please complete this form to provide your transfer information.

If you prefer to handle the initial part of the transfer process yourself, here is the information you will need:

Please add Khimaira as your Technical Contact:

Linda Campbell
2974 Stonyman Road
Luray VA 22835

Remove your current nameservers, and replace with ours:


We will notify you if we need additional information.

Thank you for choosing Khimaira-GreenEarthHost!