Why Choose Us?

In today’s world, you have many choices for nearly everything you want to buy or service you need.


We appreciate your business, and take great care to make every effort to earn and keep your support!

Khimaira has been an established business for nearly 40 years!

Our webhosting division was established in 1998.  Our Team Members have extensive background in information management, server administration, web security and business management.  We’ve grown tremendously from those early days of the internet, and have expanded to meet the growing needs of our clients.

Girl working on server

Our client base is varied – from farms and other small businesses and local organizations to larger corporations and international organizations.   They all have one thing in common….they need a dependable hosting company!  We’re proud to be a ‘Made in America’ company!

We understand the economics, frustrations and dynamics involved with developing a successful online business.  Our goal is to offer top quality products to our customers, while maintaining personal service at reasonable prices.

Our relationships  with other established businesses will also help us to offer you  discounts on products and services, to help keep your operating costs low, which raises your net profits!

Remember…it’s not just about price (although our prices are among the best you’ll find for comparable features!).

We believe strongly in service after the sale, and we’re here to help you!

  • We also want to help promote your business, and have added a number of special web directories to help do that!
  • This is a service that can bring great dividends in search engine placements and provide free advertising for your business!
  • This service alone could cost you more than the price you pay for hosting….if you could find it elsewhere!
  • The directories are a Khimaira exclusive provided to you just for hosting with us!! Click here for an example of one of our specialized directories FREE for our clients who offer lodging opportunities!
  • Large enough to serve you…small enough to know you!
  • Our customers become part of our extended family of business partnerships.
  • When we look for services and products, we turn to our own customers first!

This kind of mutual networking is an excellent way to achieve successful results on the the internet!

Thanks for Considering Khimaira for your Web Hosting Needs!